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Mindfulness Apps

Our club, with the help of Mindfulness practitioner and Rotarian Fran Kelly created Take 10 and Take 5 apps.These apps are FREE and have been downloaded in over 51 countries so far. There are two versions Take 10 for people in the teens and adulthood and Take 5 for children.

Research shows that when we train our mind to be present where our body is, that is when we are paying attention to what we are doing…. we are happier.

When we train our mind we develop awareness.

Do you often find yourself wishing that things were different to how they are?

Or perhaps feel worried, or anxious and you’re not sure exactly why?

Or do you have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep – you can’t seem to stop that constant flow of thoughts?

When we’re aware we notice how we feel, we notice what we’re thinking and we notice what we’re doing. We’re likely then to notice when we’re distracted, have better impulse control, be less angry, and be more aware of our thought processes with better concentration and memory. We’re likely too to be kinder, more patient and therefore more compassionate and caring of ourselves and others

So to perhaps be calmer, not feel so worried or be less reactive – that is be more aware of things as they are happening and therefore making better choices on the spot – then one of these Apps might be useful.

Take 10 Mindulness AppTake 10 Mindful Minutes”, is a collection of short mind training or meditation strategies for users of all ages that could be helpful if you’ve answered yes to any of these questions.


Android Take 10 Mindful Minutes App

Apple Take 10 Mindful Minutes



Take 5 Mindfulness AppTake 5 Mindful Minutes”, is a collection of fun focused, short, mind training or meditation strategies that could be supportive for users under 10 years of age to practice with a helpful adult.


Android Take 5 Mindful Minutes App

Apple Take 5 Mindful Minutes


Give one of the apps a try and see what you think.

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